Has there been a change in attitude towards book to film adaptations?

Book to film adaptations have had their fair share of negative responses and everyone always says ‘the book is better than the film’ and no doubt this is true.

Books bring with them the imagination and allow the reader to create the characters, locations and unhuman creatures in their head then and there.

Film is somewhat seen as a passive activity in which the audience does not participate when watching a film whereas books are seen as active as the reader uses their imagination.

One of the major names in book to film adaptations has got to be the Harry Potter franchise.

I will admit straight away that ‘the books were better than the film’ and the films removed vital parts of the books which gave certain characters more depth.

What I am looking to ask is whether there has been a change in the attitudes towards book to film adaptations?

I recently read that the new film Gone Girl which is an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name, had its ending changed due to criticism from readers of the book that the ending infuriated fans.

Films have the power to change endings of books to please readers and film goers. There is no doubt about this at all.

Directors/writers/producers can read a book, not like the ending, and change it to how the feel it should end.

Some say that this is bordering on whether it is a book to film adaptation or just a completely new film using similar themes and events.

It does make me wondering whether people will have a different attitude to when they hear that they favourite, or in this case not so favourite, book is being adapted into a film.

Honestly, I enjoy both reading and watching films and would have no problem watching a movie adaptation but will definitely add my opinions at the end.

Maybe, one day in the near future, people will go to see a film and come out saying ‘that was better than the book’.

Maybe I am being optimistic but there is always the chance.


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