Is Hermione Granger the new Dark Lord?

One of the most confusing things that I have ever thought of, but think about it, could goody-two shoes Hermione have potential to be the next Dark Lord?

It is common knowledge that a wizard at Hogwarts is not allowed to perform magic outside of the school until they reach a certain age.

But as soon as Hermione is introduced in the Philosopher’s Stone she performs Oculus Reparo to fix Harry’s glasses.

She hasn’t even been to the school never mind getting put into a house – alarm bells should have been ringing at this point! How did she get away with that?

A source (a big Harry Potter fan) told me that ‘before they start school they can do what they want cos they haven’t been given any rules yet and it’s up to their parents to make sure they’re careful with magic, not Hogwarts’

This then took me on a whirlwind of questions, ‘if the parents are in charge (and muggles in Hermione’s case) then surely they can produce any spells they want, including the deadly curses?’

In which my friend replied ‘but since they haven’t started yet they can’t do much coz they haven’t learnt anything’

OK, I get that… BUT Hermione, who is a Mud-Blood (Yup I said it) then how did she find out about Harry Potter? Surely her parents would not know of ‘the most famous wizard of all time’ so then how did she find out?

This then led me to believe that she must have been doing some in depth research of the Dark Arts before starting and as she is constantly answering questions on all sorts of spells (including the Deadly Curses) it does make one wonder just what does she know.

She desires to be the best witch and will do anything to achieve that goal and she is immediately a rebel for casting a spell outside of Hogwarts.


Watch out for Hermione… She has charateristics of a Dark Lord in her from day one!

Watch the Dark Lord in action from day one:


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