Oxjam Lincoln 2014 Continues This Weekend

Oxjam Lincoln 2014 continues this Friday for a mixture of music from some of Lincoln’s local bands.

The volunteer-run charity event kicked off with an acoustic evening with performances from Daniel Came and The Black Dolphins and will finish with a more eclectic music evening.

The first two events were held at Bar 67 and Café Portico last weekend and is set to continue the music at the Jolly Brewer and The Collection Café this upcoming weekend.

Ann Worrell, coordinator of Oxjam Lincoln 2014, said “If you like local live music there is no excuse not to come along to support the local music and local venues.

“You’ll get a good night out and your money goes directly to a charity.”

Oxjam is a music festival run by Oxfam volunteers and all the money raised will be donated to the charity and will help with the current Ebola crisis.

Mrs Worrell said that “the dual aim is to promote local music and to promote the work of Oxfam”.

“The money we raise from tickets will go directly to Oxfam who help people who are less fortunate than us, who haven’t got food in their bellies or have not got clean water,” said Mrs Worrell.

Oxjam Lincoln 2014 is the last music event run by the charity this year and Mrs Worrell is hoping to go out with a bang.

“It will be nice to enjoy it and think ‘wow I’ve just done this and that all year and finish off with a bang really,” Mrs Worrell added.

The final event, held at The Collection on October 25, will be an eclectic evening of musical styles and singing abilities.

Tickets for the events can be purchased on the night or before at the venues and all the money will go to Oxfam.

Further details can be found on the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OxjamLincoln2014 or you can email ann.oxjamlincoln@outlook.com.



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