Are we living in a 21st Century Industrial Revolution?

From around 1760 to somewhere in between 1820 and 1840 there was a massive change in the world; the Industrial Revolution.

This was when there was a transition from hand production methods to machines, and it has come to my attention that we seem to be heading for a new industrial era.

With more and more shops across the country and the world having self-service machines it seems that we are replacing people with machines… again.

Despite the unemployment rate dropping by a 7.1% in 2013, it is curious to wonder where these people are working.

Nowadays people are urged to get work experience otherwise they are deemed ‘unqualified’ for a job.

But how can people get work experience if we are insisting on having self-service counters?

Large supermarkets that could employ more people and reduce the unemployment rate are replacing them with machines for the ease of the customer.

But is that still the case now?

Money clearly has a massive impact on this… Why would a supermarket pay some a wage when they could just as easily have a no-wage self-service machine?

Buying items on self-service checkout can have its benefits but I cannot help but see that they can sometimes cause more trouble than they are worth.

If they machine breaks, the customer has to wait for the one sales assistant to fix the issue.

If the customer needs help with something, they have to wait for the one sales assistant to help.

If the customer is purchasing something with an age limit, then they have to wait for someone to check.

The hassle of waiting just seems pointless… And they barely save any time at all.

You might as well wait in line to be served by a real human like what EVERYONE used to do.



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