What is the appeal of reality TV?

With more and more reality TV programmes that are being aired on the hundreds of channels available, it seems that there needs to be some decent programmes.

This recent phenomenon is something that I cannot get my head around.

Why do I care what people in Essex, Chelsea, or Newcastle are doing with their lives? It does not interest me at all.

What is the point of watching other people’s lives, which are obviously fake, and getting entertainment from it?

Their lives do not spark any interest in me but instead brings the hatred out of them. They are not famous and should not be seen as them as they literally bring nothing to the entertainment world.

As well as all the tripe that I have to sit through most nights, as they are on every channel nowadays, there is all the contest reality programmes that just need to end.

The X Factor has had its run of failed and pointless ‘stars’ that it needs to stop and people need to get entertainment from somewhere else.

There are brilliant programmes that are on that no one seems to care about as they are watching ridiculous programmes about utterly pathetic and annoying people who are the worst actors but believe that they are going to make it.

They probably have more chance of becoming an A List celebrity by busking in the street.

All these programmes need to stop. They are ruining the entertainment industry. People who watch these don’t watch them for fun, they watch them to MAKE fun of the people on them.

They are without a doubt the worst programmes to ever be made with downright annoying (and extremely ugly people most of the time).

Pure and utter tripe – Go away!


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