What is the meaning of Christmas nowadays?

With the festive season slowing approaching, I was just sat wondering ‘what the meaning of Christmas is nowadays’?

When I was younger, I would always get so excited about the season and loved nothing more than spending quality time with my family and looking forward to having a few days off during the school holiday (and obviously presents).

But now it seems that everyone is obsessed with the present concept of Christmas when they shouldn’t!

Christmas is a time for everyone to spend a few days without any work commitments and relaxing and eating food.

Each year, people get excited around November but it seems ridiculous and it is sad to think that there is no meaning but for retail companies to get money each year.

Plus, as you get older it is so costly to buy presents as more and more stores have grabbed on to this festive (retail boosting) season and increase prizes.

They cleverly bring out last year’s stock and make people think that a post-Christmas sale is happening when in fact it is a clever trick that they do.

As I have grown up and noticed that the Christmas season isn’t as jolly as it was when I was younger.

People rushing around shops, pushing and shoving to purchase a gift they have in their hands and not even being polite and say ‘excuse me.’

What really does it mean now? It is expensive. It can be dangerous. It brings out the worst in people.

There is nothing enjoyable about Christmas these days. Not even the weather relates to the Christmas season.

Having a ‘white Christmas’ is without a doubt one of the best things to wake up to and fingers crossed that might make this year enjoyable for once.


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