Cartoonopolis: A Powerful Production

A powerful, hilarious, moving and perfect production.

Directed by: Matt Rutter & Chris Tomlinson

Written by: Lewis Bray

Starring: Lewis Bray

Meet Jack Bray. Jack is a 17-year-old-boy who is autistic and speaks with an American accent.

He imitates his favourite cartoon characters and it is the only way he communicates.

Now, meet his brother, Lewis Bray. Lewis is depicting the life of his brother and the impact his learning difficulties have.

Cartoonopolis is an inspirational, powerful and moving production with a deeper message.

Lewis is Jack’s carer and wrote the one-man show where he performs more than 25 different characters including himself, his brother, his father/mother and the countless residents of Cartoonopolis.

This is a unique production which Lewis showcases considerable talents as an actor.

His ability to keep the audience engaged throughout the 1hr50mins production and to have them roaring with laughter at one point then swiftly making them reach for tissues was a true masterpiece.

The story is universal and can be shared by everyone. It takes an in-depth look at how it feels to have autism and more importantly how that affects the family.

Judging from the audience in the sell-out show, there were people from all backgrounds including people with autism and people who have autistic children who were seeking guidance.

With only a one-man cast, there was only a chair for the set and that was it.

The creativity allowed the audience to use their imagination which is similar to the everyday life of Jack.

The story was more emotional than originally anticipated but Lewis’ acting style, allowed even the more sensitive and moving parts to have an element of humour.

It was a powerful production that kept the audience focused and laughing from the opening scene to the final one.

Directed by Matt Rutter and Chris Tomlinson, the play takes you on a journey through the land of Cartoonopolis.

The production was staged in the studio in the Playhouse Theatre in Liverpool.

The intimate venue suited the production perfectly  and the standing ovation confirmed the success of the play.

Cartoonopolis is part of the Ignition Project, which is supported by the Talent Fund and the Everyone for the Everyman fundraising appeal.

The Ignition Project has been set up to nurture new artists and make sure our stages are filled with new talent and new ideas.

With a script based around things Jack has done and said, this is a true unique event and Lewis should be extremely proud of what he has achieved.

The ability to keep the audience engaged and the constant changing on voices pushed the boundaries of what people call ‘traditional theatre’.

I had never seen anything like this production before and if I got chance I would definitely see it again.


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