A Musical Adaptation Of The Boy Who Fell Into A Book

The Boy Who Fell Into A Book premiered in Scarborough in 1998 and now 16 years later, it has been adapted into a musical.

Director: Alan Ayckbourn

Musical Adaptation & Lyrics: Paul James

Musical Director: Mark Warman

Cast: Evelyn Hoskins, Nicolas Colicos, Katie Birtill, Natasha J Barnes, John Barr, Stephen Matthews

Venue: Stephen Joseph Theatre

The play follows Kevin, a young boy who falls into not one but six different books and meets all sorts of characters including chess pieces, fairytale creatures and his favoured fictional character Rockfist Slim, an American detective.

Evelyn Hoskins was outstanding in portraying the 10 year-old Kevin and really brought to life the imaginative mind of the young boy.

In an almost complete polar opposite there is Nicolas Colicos’ portrayal of the two hundred and twenty pound Rockfast Slim.

These two protagonists were brilliant to watch and the two actors really worked well together in the entire production. The two characters were different both in physical appearance and in their outlook on their current situation – jumping from book to book.

The award-winning number Kaboom Kapow had to be the turning point when these two characters really began to fully connect with Rockfist Slim admitting that Kevin had more brains than he did.

As they journeyed through a varied selection of books, the one that really stood out was the insanely brilliant, extremely humorous and down-right creepy journey through The Wubbly’s.

Despite being a scene predominately aimed for the children of the audience it also featured stuff from nightmares (especially for me).

This part of the play saw some of the cast dressed up in bright pink outfits and dance around with both Kevin and Rockfist.

Each actor showcased how talented they all were through the variety of different songs that they each performed, some singing in certain accents including French, Scottish and American.

The musical numbers including Kaboom Kapow and Fairytales had everyone in the audience tapping their feet to the melody of these catchy tunes.

With limited and very minimal set design, the actors utilised the stage magnificently and really showed just how talented actors they were.

As the two journey through a collection of well-known and well-loved books including Kidnap (Robert Louie Stevenson) and Grimms Fairytales, they both learn the value of friendship and how characters in our beloved novels will stay alive forever.

This magical evening will have all audience members laughing throughout the entire production.

Now as a musical, The Boy Who Fell Into A Book is without a doubt will have you going home and grabbing your favourite book and reading it cover to cover.



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