Another Film To Add To The Franchise

Alien 5 has also been confirmed to be in the making.

In January, Neil Blomkamp, director of District 9 and Elysium, posted some Alien-sequel concept art via his social networking sites.

20th Century Fox then clarified this and revealed that it will be a sequel not a prequel in the Alien series.

Blomkamp’s name is the only one of the film at the moment, nothing else has been confirmed as of yet and the question is it posing is whether or not Sigourney Weaver will be reprising her role as Ellen Ripley.

This sequel, it has been said, will not replace the Prometheus sequel which is still happening.

Will this sequel uphold to the cult fan-base that the Alien series has?

It’s unsurprising that the 36 year-old franchise will continue and since the 1970s the franchise has seen five films to its name.

Three being sequels and two being crossovers with the Predator franchise.

Will five films, it seems that there is a limited narrative to be told.

How will this film work?

Maybe Alien 5 will feature the iconic monster inhabiting a spaceship which leaves the crew stranded and isolated in space? It is all a matter of time.

It remains to say that the sci-fi horror franchise is definitely coming back to our screens and will no doubt have moviegoers’ attention.

The only thing to do now is stay tuned for more news on Alien 5.



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