Live Stream Of Billy Elliot: The Musical – A True Sensation

Billy Elliot The Musical was broadcast live from the Victoria Palace Theatre in London last night to 550 cinemas across the world.

For people who haven’t seen the film version (2000) the story is based around the minors strikes during Thatcher’s reign.

It follows a young boy named Billy Elliot who discovers that he has a natural talent for ballet dancing but tries to keep it a secret from his minor brother and father.

The live streaming from the theatre to the cinema was truly brilliant and opens up the question ‘Is this a new way of theatre-going?’

There was definitely a more connection with the actors and the cinema audience as, through the help of the cameras, we were able to get up-close to the characters and see their emotions as they performed.

The broadcasting also has benefits by allowing people who are unable to make it to London to see brilliant performances live as if they were really there.

It was truly a work of art and was amazing to experience.

With an outstanding cast including the brilliant Ruthie Henshall and Deka Walmsley, it was obvious that Elliott Hanna (Billy Elliot) took the stage.

The young star really showed how talented he is through his constant dancing and singing with hardly any time to rest.

It must be said that Hanna will definitely have a long career in the performing arts and will look forward to seeing his next starring role.

Throughout the production there was humour even throughout some of the more emotional scenes.

One of the songs that really sticks out is The Letter, this emotional song sees Billy’s dance teacher reading a letter from his deceased mother.

It is magnificently emotional and there was no doubt a fair few tears in the audience but nevertheless, it was a true heart-warming song that is one to hear.

To mark the 10 year anniversary of this magnificent production, there was an added treat for the audiences after the finale.

A crowd-roaring ‘Billy Mash-up’ featuring 27 Billy Elliot stars began and was incredibly awe-inspiring and had everyone in the theatre and the cinema screaming praise at the talented young dancers.

As well it was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 24.

This feel-good story about acceptance is a must-see for all ages.


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