Nymphomaniac: Volumes 1 & 2: Cinema Like You Never Thought

From visionary director, Lars Von Trier, comes this mesmerising tale of love, lust and sex (a lot of sex).

Director: Lars Von Trier

Writer: Lars Von Trier

Certificate: 18

Language: English

The film opens with a black screen and nothing more for a long duration which immediately screams ‘Von Trier’.

One must wonder why the film is set in two volumes and why Von Trier decided on this but one must congratulate the infamous director for his unique filmmaking.

With strong, real sex throughout the entirety of the film, it gives a real insight into the life of someone who suffers from nymphomania.

As the film progresses, we witness Joe indulge her nymphomania in manner different sexual exploits ranging from affairs to S&M.

The film instantly has dark undertones from the very beginning as she is found beaten up laying on the ground and as the film progresses it gets darker.

When Joe gets pregnant and gives birth to a boy, thoughts were circulating through my mind about how Joe will treat this child as it is obvious that she does not have a connection with the child.

These thoughts continued as she leaves her child alone in a flat as she continues to explore her sexual urges and this scene in particular will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

As the film comes to an end and we see Joe exploring her sexual desires, including lesbianism, Von Trier has one more shock in store for the audience – the ending.

The film begins and ends with a black screen and we, the audience, are left shocked at the conclusion of the film which I won’t spoil.

The character of Joe is a strange one to critique. Throughout her story we learn that she has had affairs, abandoned her child, destroyed the one constant male in her life (played by Labeouf) it is hard not to like this character.

However, due to Von Trier’s brilliant method of filmmaking, we can’t help but feel sorry for her. It is obvious that she struggles to live with her nymphomania.

As briefly mentioned, Joe has one constant male companion throughout the film, played by Labeouf, who she had her first sexual experience with. Labeouf’s character is another character that is difficult to critique.

He comes off as an obnoxious individual but it seems that he truly adores Joe. However, as the film progresses, you can’t help but once again, feel sorry for him as he has to deal with Joe’s sexual desires which he cannot help with.

With an all-star cast, including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard, Shia Labeouf and Uma Thurman, Trier’s bold and controversial new film will take you on an emotional rollercoaster as Joe recounts her nymphomaniac life from birth to the age of 50.

This shockingly brilliant film is a definite must-see but maybe not for a Sunday afternoon with the parents.


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