The Highs and Lows of John Otway

To coincide with Otway The Movie official launch, Otway embarks on a nationwide tour.

Director: Steve Barker

Genre: Documentary

The documentary, Otway The Movie, was released on September 28 and is a hilarious look into the life of a rock star with a dream.

It charts John Otway’s all too frequent lows and occasional spectacular highs of his ongoing reach for stardom.

The film uses real archive footage of Otway’s years of performances and how he made a name for himself as a ‘prat’.

It shows a real look into the pitfalls of the rock ‘n’ roll dream and how much can be made out of pure perseverance.

Shockingly, it also shows how shops across the country would refuse to stock a Top Ten hit as it was not aimed at their target audience.

Directed by Steve Barker, the film consists of interviews with family and friends and includes antagonists who show their estimation of his talents.

It is a fascinating look into how Otway and his fans tried to get people to purchase the records and how he tried so hard to make it into the Top Ten Chart.

The documentary shows the history of music distribution and how it has changed over the years with the introduction of the internet.

Otway The Movie was financed by fans and was deemed unanimously to be a triumph and received a four star review from the Guardian and it was voted the Second Best Movie of 2013, after Gravity.

The film premiered at Leicester Square Odeon and made a big impact at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival before going on to play at Glastonbury Festival and was distributed to more than 50 cinemas nationwide.

Otway The Movie is a frank yet funny portrayal of one of rock’s most likeable characters which makes it a self-assure hit.

The film is a must-see for all Otway fans and for anyone who has a desire to enter the music industry.

Furthermore, John Otway and his old partner Wild Willy Barrett embarked on a nationwide tour and saw them play at various locations across the country.



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