Are We Due Another Movement In Writing?

Ever since the early 17th and 18th centuries there have been movements that have changed the way writers, well, write.

It got me thinking about where we are now and whether a new movement is just around the corner or that we have slowly merged into a way that feels comfortable?

Preferably not the latter, in my opinion.

As a writer, I cannot help but be inspired by the various (and exceedingly long list) of movements that have changed the way we, as writers, do what we do.

My love for writing really began at a young age but as soon as I hit secondary school (high school for any American readers) my love grew.

Studying the Romanticism Movement of the 19th century my love for Victor Hugo and Lord Byron more or less came to the fore front.

Their works are a true inspiration for any aspiring writer.

I then delved into the heart of literature and focused on the gothic novel (Bram Stoker’s Dracula a notable favourite) and I immediately fell in love.

The supernatural elements, the violence what more does anyone want in a piece of writing?

I was then lucky enough to study the lake poets who focused their work on nature and the sublime.

William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge had a massive impact on my views on writing and The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner (Coleridge) is an outstandingly fantastic piece of writing.

I was in awe when I first read it.

Similarly Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market was another piece that had me in awe. The use of imagery and the power of the imagination is something that I hold very dear to myself.

There are so many brilliant pieces of literature/writing that came about because of a movement.

It makes you think ‘where are we now?’

We had the Beat generation, Dada, Surrealism, Postmodernism, Gonzo (more for journalism but still relevant) and countless others.

But what is next? And more importantly, who is next?

Will it be the Bloggers Movement or will there be a massive shift back to romanticism or surrealism?

Who knows, I know that I will want to be a part of it!



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