Sara Pascoe: Comedienne, feminist, revolutionary?

For the last gig on her most recent tour, comedienne Sara Pascoe gave it all.

The short performance, with two 45 minute pieces with an interval, flew by and it showed that she clearly knew how to please an audience.

Like any performing comedy, she bashed out well-rehearsed jokes one after the other but still kept the theme of sex and more or less her life.

Using anecdotal references as filler in the show, we got an in depth recount of her life including first boyfriends to her current boyfriend.

There were some parts that made it seem like the show was aimed more at women than men, which is understandable from a female feminist, yet that did not stop the men in the audience laugh along at the jokes, despite the male gender being joked at.

A lot, if not all the sketches, were about sex and you had to feel sorry for her boyfriend who was mainly the butt of her jokes but as he is a comedian as well, it makes the empathy slightly move to one side.

Like all comedians/comediennes she spoke directly to the audience and asked if someone was alright after a cough was heard.

The audience who were both students and adults but mainly the latter were laughing the whole way through from the very opening piece to the final and it was clear a lot of effort had gone into producing what was a fantastic comedy act.

It was well rehearsed and despite there being sometimes pauses where she ‘forgot’ what she saying, it enticed the audience to laugh even harder. However, it did make one wonder whether the bits she ‘forgot’ were part of the show itself but either way it worked.

Some of the sketches were relatable to all audience members and her use of historical contexts and references showed that she spent a fair bit of time getting the show to what it was.

One main criticism that I couldn’t push out of my head was the slating of the male gender. I get that she is a feminist and there is still issues of equality in the world but does that mean someone can abuse and offend the opposite gender for comedy means?

If a man stood on stage and said similar things to what she said within this show, feminists around the world would be grabbing the torches and pitchforks to hunt him down. So why can it be the same for a female?

This is not saying I didn’t enjoy it. I did. But this is one thought that kept coming into my mind at every sexualised joke she said.

As it began to draw to an end, it became more philosophical than one was expecting.

The concept of the world coming to an end really made one think about their life and what will happen when the world ends.

This, once again, showed that Sara managed to produce a piece of comedy that was not just joke after joke but instead made the audience think about life, something that not all comedians/comediennes can do.

Sara is without a doubt someone who will attract more and more audience numbers as she excels in the comedy world.


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