Sex, Party & Lies: Cringey, funny & thought-provoking

Being a big fan of foreign films in general, I picked up this film just by coincidence and I am extremely glad I did. Sex, Party & Lies is without a doubt one of the best films I have seen and needs audience’s attention.

The film, as stated in the plot, follows the lives of eight people over a course of three days. The film stars Mario Casas who plays Tony, the young boy who is in love with his best friend Nico. Mario portrayed the character of homosexual Tony in such a realistic way that whilst I was watching it all I wanted was for him to end up with his best friend. One could interpret that Tony is the main protagonist within this film however; each character has their own narrative even if they are interlocking in some way. At the end of the film, without giving too much away, the effects of the three day party lifestyle take the turn for the worst with Tony and it was extremely shocking and emotional to see just what happens to him in the end.

Another actress that is clearly worth mentioning is Ana Maria Polvorosa who plays the sexually repressed and in denial lesbian Marina. She was once again excellent in portraying a female who is sexually confused and there is a fantastic scene where she is looking in a mirror and saying other words for lesbian such as dyke. This shot was extremely effective as it allows the audience to understand that she is confused and unaware of whom she really is. Like the majority of the characters, Marina also suffers with the shocking ending and this is extremely emotional as just before the ending she is seen to be comfortable with herself now and she seems happy which is juxtaposed with the shocking finale.

The character called Carlos who is played by Hugo Silva is another character worth mentioning. Carlos is predominately the main drug addict within this film and is constantly seen snorting some sort of drug. This character was seen as the ‘prick’ within this film as he was cheating on his girlfriend with her best friend who he eventually started cheating on as well. Throughout the film, he was never seen in a positive light but however Silva played this character so well that you eventually start, not to like him, but to feel sorry for him and as the audience always see him doing some drug we believe that he will die. This makes the shocking end more unexpected.

As the film progressed, I was constantly unaware of what would happen in the next scene. Despite the acting be somewhat ‘cringey’ I was nonetheless hooked from the opening and closing credits. There were times when I tried to guess what was about to happen but it turns out that I was wrong. I believe that I fantastic film has to make the audience constantly trying to think about what could happen next therefore this film was a great piece of cinema as it made me become an active spectator.

As the majority of the film was set, basically, in a nightclub or rave throughout the use of lighting was quite limited as it was meant to capture the nightlife of Alicante which is did through the strobe lighting which you would find in nightclubs and raves. The only time that the lighting was natural and high key was through the intimate scenes between the characters outside the rave atmosphere, for example there is a scene where Paz, played by Miriam Giovanelli, is working in a restaurant/bar where the lighting is extremely natural and is juxtaposed with the lighting from the nightclubs .In relation to this, the music once again was trying to capture the nightlife and throughout the music was Spanish hardcore rave music which would have been heard in the nightclubs. Both the lighting and the music were very effective in creating the whole ambiance of the party lifestyle of these young characters. The music changes dramatically at the end where the music changes from rave music to striking emotional music which adds to the shocking ending. The film ends with the song from the beginning of the film so there is a sort of ongoing loop between the characters.

As stated earlier, this is one of my favourite films of all time now and I suggest that everyone should see this film sooner or later.

There are parts which make you laugh, parts that make you cringe, parts that make you think (a lot) and then there are parts which make you cry.


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