The Hobbit Triology: What a waste of time

First of all, I would like to state straight away that I am a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and a fan of Peter Jackson in general, however after seeing The Hobbit, I felt unsatisfied with what I saw on screen.

I remember reading The Hobbit when I was in Primary School and I was immediately a fan of Middle Earth and everything to do with it. So when I heard that The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) was being made into feature length films, my love immediately grew and after watching the trilogy on numerous occasions (even to the extent that I could sit and recite every word) I was extremely excited when I heard about The Hobbit being made into, at first, two films.

I then heard the news that the, in my opinion, small book was to be made into three films, something happened and I felt that Jackson was merely creating three films for a commercial purpose as he managed to make the LOTR novel trilogy into three films. This straight away had an impact on what I would feel after seeing the film.

Nevertheless, I picked myself up and went to see the long awaited first of three films. As I sat in the small cinema in my home town of Scarborough, the immediate ambiance of the cinema made me not want to be there in the first place. People loudly talking, eating popcorn and slurping their drinks just made me want to get up and leave. “No. It is The Hobbit.” I kept saying to myself. I will state here and now that I am not a fan of 3D (which is another discussion for another time) therefore I went to a cinema that isn’t equipped with the 3D technology. But my hatred for 3D will bring up multiple reasons about why I felt unsatisfied with the film.

So the film began, my excitement was at a minimal level but nevertheless I was excited to see another masterpiece by Jackson. Then I heard the infamous score by Howard Shore which, after studying the composer, built up my tension and excitement as it brought back feelings that I have whenever I watch LOTR.

I thoroughly enjoyed how Jackson came up with the idea that The Hobbit begins at the beginning of LOTR with Bilbo beginning his book. I thought this was an unique and interesting way for the story to begin as I was curious to see how it would begin. The film then goes back in time to the beginning of The Hobbit novel.

As the film got into full swing, I started to drift back into my Middle Earth love and began to agree with every critic that had written about the film. However, things started to change when Bilbo leaves The Shire and goes on his adventure.

The main problem that I had with The Hobbit, is that it relied so much on CGI and it really irritated me. Everything and anything was CGI and perhaps because I was in a 2D cinema I couldn’t experience the fullness of the film. But the LOTR films use a fair bit of CGI but this was something else.

I watched some interviews with the cast and crew before I saw the film and Sir Ian Mckellen stated that they couldn’t have produced The Hobbit without the introduction of CGI and the developing technology. OK, I agree that for a film full of mythical creatures needs a large amount of CGI in order to create a more (despite hating this word) ‘realistic’ world. But for me there is an extent and The Hobbit uses a lot of CGI and for what purpose? To create a cinematic experience? Or for the commercial revenue?

It seemed to me that Jackson just used CGI whenever he could in order to show the world that he is now a renowned and well established film director. Don’t get me wrong, the visuals were, as always, excellent but I seemed to be paying more attention to the scenery rather than the narrative.

There was a sort of realistic-fiction in Lord Of The Rings but that wasn’t brought to the forefront in The Hobbit triology.


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