University tuition fees? Why should we pay when not even there?

So, I am currently doing my MA and it has really come to my attention that I am forking out a ridiculous amount of money each week for something that is both not worth it at all and I am paying for something when I’m not even there.

I have to pay for the whole of April when I actually haven’t been taught once and more importantly I will not be getting taught for the whole of April yet I still have to pay the whole amount.

As well, every single student in the entire country knows that they more or less have a month or two off at Christmas which reinforces my point of paying for something when we aren’t there or our tutors aren’t even there.

Why are we paying for their holidays?

I will be finishing my course in the third week of May…. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR THE WHOLE OF MAY?!?!

Honestly, I can see why people actually want to teach at university level. It does seem like a doss around.

Most of my tutors turn up late to lectures but have the nerve to ask why one of their students is running late like it is a crime.

Student fees are a big topic at the moment with the upcoming general election and I do understand why people have to pay them and I honestly don’t mind paying them as long as I get every single pennies worth.

Currently I cannot help but feel that I am not getting what I am entitled to. Paying a ridiculous amount for a month when I am not even there seems, to me anyway, absolutely outrageous insane!

I might actually think about a career as a lecturer but hopefully things will have change for the better of the students attending.

Advice: People wanting to go to university… Do it! It’s a great experience but make sure you get what you deserve. Pester your tutors even if they won’t like you… It’s their job to be there to help whenever you need it.

People say that a university wouldn’t exist without the tutors… I beg to differ, without the students there wouldn’t be a university. The students should be the ones that in charge.

Make it happen!


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