Scarborough Author To Hold Talk

Scarborough author Malcolm Bruce Smith, who writes under the pen name of Malcolm Bruce, will be giving an illustrated talk at Vernon Road library at two thirty on May 14 about the Scarborough bombardment – but with a difference!

As Malcolm says, most of the events to commemorate the bombardment last year, quite rightly, concentrated on the effect it had on the citizens of the town.

However, there is much more to this story than people realise. For a number of years Malcolm worked at the Naval Ordnance Inspection Establishment in Sheffield (you never knew any sort of naval establishment existed in Sheffield? all will be revealed!)

It was there that Malcolm learned of the connection with the German High Seas Fleet and all our lives today, and it is fascinating and rather disturbing.

Malcolm will correct some of the myths that surround the bombardment and then bring the story right up to date and explain how remnants of the German ships are still playing a vital part in our lives now.

The photo shows Malcolm with one of the six inch calibre shells which failed to explode.

The townsfolk at the time referred to them as ‘duds,’ in fact some of the shells were fired at such close range they were not in the air long enough for the fuse to set, thus landing inert.


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