Ranting Won’t Get You Anywhere

A new author has emerged in the Scarborough area.

Lawrence Clarke, 35, was born in Lancashire near Blackburn and moved to Preston University to study Human Resource Management.

In 2010, Lawrence moved to the Scarborough area with his current partner.

He said: “After I finished my undergraduate course, I continued studying and did a postgraduate in Careers Guidance.

“I like helping people and have worked in Graham school for a bit where I gave careers interviews.

“I only got about 20mins with each person and it wasn’t enough to find out what someone want to do and then with Government cut backs I left.”

When Lawrence was at university, he felt he was an outcast and had a big rant about the girls at university.

“I hate false people and I saw a girl wearing a Nirvana t-shirt and I’m a big fan so I asked her what her favourite album is,” he said.

“She just said the most famous one and didn’t know about the others and I hate people who follow a band that they don’t know anything about.

“I wrote a rant and the next thing I knew a girl was giving me abuse at university because it was published in the university paper.”

After this, Lawrence was slagged off; he retaliated and did it back.

“It was funny because I never had a girlfriend and all I wanted to do was to nail them all and they nailed me to the cross,” he said.

“It was a bit crazy. A year later, I did my own thing and started to spread my wings in that sense.

“It was a bit brutal but I feel I always had it in me. It was my current partner who said I should write.”

This was the sort of catalyst for him to write his debut book: ‘Ranting Won’t Get You Anywhere’.

Originally, Lawrence started writing a Father’s Guide To Parenting and was a reaction against mums.net but he got bored of that idea.

“I don’t hate women by the way,” Lawrence said.

“Taking a young lad shopping is a nightmare and I wanted to come out with things to make the situation more extreme than it is.”

‘Ranting Won’t Get You Anywhere’ is a collection of rants about topics ranging from vaping and sex channels being listed near CBeebies.

“I’ve got a lot of serious things as well like when people refer to houses as properties,” Lawrence said.

“I did one about vaping. It is just people smoking random flavoured smoke and it can lead people on to smoking so I ranted on that and made four new flavours including carrot and coriander and dead bodies.”

Most of the rants have four options that you can circle and at the end you get a score which tells you whether you’re a ‘nut case’ or a pretty chilled-out person.

“I started writing in October and my original idea was to put it on a Kindle but I feel it is more of a stocking-filler style book really so I might self-publish it,” he said.

“There is a thing could Create Space where I can upload it when it is finished and then someone who wants a copy can buy it and then someone somewhere in the UK will print it.”

Lawrence is hoping that the book will show people what he can do and, in the future, he is aspiring to be a writer for a comedian.

He is encouraging tweets and emails for suggested rants from readers and currently has about three rants from other people but the rest are his.

His personal main rant is rude people and rudeness in general.

“I also don’t like people who conform too much. I’m a bit of rebel and I don’t like people who do everything right,” he said.

“I am hoping that the book will become a social thing where people give me their rants and they feed into me and I write it down.

“I’m like a counsellor. I still want to get a focus group together and run pass some of the ideas and rants to see what people think.”

Lawrence is aiming to make £100,000 in his first year of publishing, from the date the book comes ou and he hopes to become Britain’s next big writer.

“It is just a bit of silly humour aimed more at younger people because they are more open minded and feed off it more,” he said.

“Younger people get my stuff a lot more. I don’t really get on well with people with my age, younger people in college I get on well with straight away.

“A lot of what is in the book is what people know and they will notice these things after reading.

“I hope people find it interesting.”

Lawrence is hoping to have the book released in September when everyone is back at work/school and when summer has ended.

The rants are weird and wonderful and anyone who contributes a rant in can have their name in the book.

To follow Lawrence on Twitter please follow at: @rantingwgya


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