‘It’s a bit of a necessity, bit business and bit of a passion’

A new pop-up venue in Quids Inn, in Scarborough, has opened and is allowing local musicians to perform there.

Chapter Three was started by Mike Linskey who works at San Angelo, the previous owners of the Open Air Theatre.

Like the Open Air Theatre, the company does celebrity bookings but their new venture is all about smaller artists who are breaking in and have just been signed.

Mike said: “This is sort of where we came from. People have got to come and see you play but it’s a bit frustrating as we get bands all the time but have nowhere to put them in Scarborough but now we have.

“We are trying to bring out of town bands into the town and put our local bands as support acts and hopefully people won’t be able to spot the difference.”

Places like Leeds and York have been providing a venue similar to this for years and have been very successful and Mike is looking to bring a bit of city life and a bit of a city venue.

He said: “It’s all about nurturing the scene that Scarborough used to have but it’s been lost to Ed Sheeran covers in every pub in town in the same pubs, playing the same songs with the same people.

“I know why they do it because pubs make money out of it but it doesn’t help the musicians. They have to go do the songs if you want a career in this.

“It’s hard to make money from it and it’s hard to keep a venue open and it is difficult to keep the door open when you aren’t putting on cover bands.”

Chapter Three began last Thursday but they were asked to do it three months ago but they were trying to work how to make a venue into a venue in three hours and that alone took about a month to work out.

The venue at Quids Inn was decided as Mike has built up a relationship with the bar by hosting university post shows there.

“I quite like it here because it is not a trendy bar but you come and enjoy yourself,” he said.

“People come in and have a party. When Basshunter was here a few months back people were dancing for six hours and that’s what it’s about.”

Chapter Three has been approached by other towns and cities but Mike is planning on having a signed contract with a place so they have full exclusivity and each town will only have one.

“It’s a bit of a necessity, bit business and bit of a passion and no one else is doing it,” Mike said.

As well, San Angelo run a pop-up cinema and are planning to put some films on in Dalby Forest this year.

“People like the idea that something will appear one day and then it is gone the next day,” Mike said.

“People used to come and watch us build Beached.”

Mike would love to hold Beached again and have put a proposal to do it again but it wouldn’t be the same, he said.

“It just got a bit crazy with about 35,000 people on the beach and health and safety has changed over the years, we wouldn’t be able to do it the same,” he said.

“I have no idea how we got away with it anyway.”

The proposal to host Beached again has been knocked back again and again and according to Mike every week someone asks about it.

“A lot the kids that are grown up now had their first gig at Beached and it’s been five years since we last did it,” Mike said.

“It may appear again but it probably won’t be in Scarborough.”

Chapter Three will be held every Thursday at Quids Inn from now on and they have the next four weeks booked.

If any local band wants to get in touch, you can contact them via Facebook or Twitter and send them a demo and they will find a similar band for you to support.

“The plan is to have a headlining act with support from local acts,” Mike said.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chapter3venue?fref=ts

Twitter: @chapter3venue


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