An Evening of Folk Tales and Music

What a unique and different evening I had at Tales and Ballads.

The evening consisted of live performances from Bridget Cousins on her harp, Morwenna and others, who read favourite poems, sang beautiful tunes and told old folk tales.

At first I did feel a little out of place. I am not a performer but a writer and I knew that I do not have the confidence to perform.

However, watching the rest of the small, intimate group I felt an overwhelming desire to read out a favourite poem of mine. But I was still not confident enough.

After being entranced by Bridget on her harp, I completely lost track of the time and unfortunately had to leave early despite my desire to stay.

The friendly atmosphere followed me after I left and a sense of calm and tranquillity overcame me. It was an evening of pure talent.

You did not have to be a skilled performer but was a place to read, sing and tell stories from known literary greats or self-written work.

As the performances continued, I felt myself staring in awe at the array of talents around the room.

Based at the Scarborough Youth Hostel, somewhere I have never been before, it was the perfect setting for this evening.

Surrounded by trees with the Scalby beck running alongside the hostel, there was no better place to sit and enjoy the harmonious tunes from the harp and laugh along to the poems and stories being told.

The evening was the first one of these to come to the town and it was clear that there was a demand for it and I hope that they will continue and I will attend and who knows perhaps perform.


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