Roaring disappointment for Jurassic World

What an utter disappointment Jurassic World is. One of the most hyped films of the year and what can I say other than disappointed.

With a storyline so floosy and dull, it is safe to say that the film is not on par with the brilliance of the original film.

It seemed that this revival of the franchise was predominately a film to honour the 20 year anniversary of the outstandingly brilliant Jurassic Park.

This went so far as Jurassic World regurgitating the plot lines, iconic scenes (dinosaur smashing a vehicle with children inside it) and a villain who gets their comeuppance by raptors.

The humans once again create something that breaks lose and kills a whole host of people and other dinosaurs. If someone can tell me that this plot hasn’t been done before, please let me know.

I love the Jurassic Park franchise. The original was a marvel in the film industry and an iconic production. The sequel… OK it wasn’t great and it was the same narrative, yet they knew what they were doing.

Shoving a dinosaur into the human world and watch it reek havoc on the residents was a brilliant addition to the franchise.

The third was not particular great by any means but it still worked. Jurassic World, however, ruins this franchise.

It seemed to merge the parts of the other three that worked. The vehicle being destroyed with children inside from the first film, a man who wants to control the dinosaurs from the second one, and the attack from the ‘bird cage’ creatures from the third film.

There was nothing original. Humans make a mistake and have to find a way to solve this. Not a unique narrative really.

What was good about it? Good question. The was no doubt a celebration of the anniversary of the first film and what this one did was have two characters enter the original visitors centre where the infamous children vs raptors in the kitchen took place all that time ago.

That was probably the only highlight of the film which was quickly removed when two relatively young characters successfully manage to fix one of the cars in the space of five minutes. I’m no mechanic but surely it would take longer?

With regards to the characters, I cannot say there were any of them that I remotely liked and wanted to survive.

Their character development was so poor that I would have preferred to watch Walking with Dinosaurs then Jurassic World.

None of those characters had any relevance to the narrative. One was a scientist, one was an ex-military man and the others were two brothers. Sounds familiar? More or less the same characters as the first one.

What the film did that really didn’t add anything to the concept of the Jurassic Park franchise was the fact that the leading ‘hunk’ Chris Pratt was able to communicate and control the raptors.

One of the most fearful creatures ever to walk on our world and they are being controlled by one simple human. Sorry what now?

The original franchise shook fear into viewers. What would I do if I was being chased by a raptor? The question I still ask myself even now.

Jurassic World, however, built a sort of human/dog relationship rather than human/raptor. When watching the scenes unfold, I really saw the relationship me and my dogs have. I was no longer afraid of the raptors but instead saw the face of a kind Labrador.

The producers did see an opportunity for a highly anticipated film and added a ridiculous amount of violent CGI deaths. What happened to the good old days of Jurassic Park?

The CGI, like most films these days, was used too much. Jurassic Park used the right amount and the creatures looked real. Jurassic World however took it a step too far.

Much like the comparison in CGI between the Lord of the Rings franchise and The Hobbit, one uses it perfectly, the other doesn’t.

CGI isn’t always the way forward and people need to realise this.

Without giving away any spoilers to the end, although it is quick predictable, it was probably one of the worst endings to a film I have seen. A huge disappointment and left me wondering ‘what the hell did I just watch?’

I cannot express how saddened I am with this film and really hope that this is not a reboot of the series. Finish there please. If they continue then it is clearly a moneymaking endeavour rather than homage to the original film.

If this is the way that all reboot of franchises are going then my expectation for the new Star Wars film is not a great one.


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