Debut EP from Bellevue Days

Bellevue Days are dispelling the reputation of their Croydon home by delivering an atmospheric, uplifting and captivating debut EP.

If you think that the superbly executed musicianship and structural nous across the four slabs of alternative rock, emo, indie comes from a band with far more than a lone year to its name, you will be forgiven.

The lyrics are the focal point and cover topics from lust to literature. Around the lyrics, which impressively 3 of the 4 members contribute to, they apply subtle layers to ensure the songs are dynamic and memorable.

This all plays its part in ensuring that an honest approach to song writing is implemented. This is very important to the band. So you’ll find no tricks or gimmicks within ‘The Sun Came Up When We Were Young’.

Recorded at Stakeout Studios with Jason Wilson, the four tracks are exceptionally well produced, but not overproduced. There’s a very organic feel to these songs and a great sense of balance. There’s warmth, there’s power, there’s delicate and intricate instrumentation and it’s all in fine proportion.

If you consider the raucous end of The Xcerts repertoire and the anthemic moments of Manchester Orchestra’s back catalogue, with bites of pop genius akin to the likes of Weezer, then you’re wandering into Bellevue Days territory.

‘The Sun Came Up When We Were Young’ is an undoubted summer soundtrack!

To listen to one of their tracks ‘Capability Capacity’ click the link below:


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