Whatever happened to good old fashioned keys?

So, I have recently moved into a new flat and the excitement was building up in me for days before.

I arrived at my building, parked my car and made my way to get my key.

Now, being a traditionalist, I have never been fond of electronic key devices and what do I have now. Yes an electronic key!

When I got it, I felt a distaste running through me. It was not what I was hoping for.

This feeling grew and grew as the day went on.

When I got to my flat, it was roughly around 6pm. Luckily the weather was nice so the good vibes were circulating the area.

It wasn’t until 8pm that I had managed to get into my room. An electrician was obviously not available at such a late hour, so I had to move rooms for one night.

Not sure how they did it but they did.

So when the morning came, I made my way to get my actual key but to find that the replacement key was also not working.

What ever happened to a good old fashioned key?

I would never have had this problem if I was given a key that I could just open.

I agree that technology has benefited the world but this was ridiculous.

After another six attempts with new keys I finally managed to get my key working and get access to my room.

My day started great and ended on a poor poor note.


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