Decorative sword stolen from young blacksmith from Abbots Langley

A young blacksmith from Abbots Langley is asking for witnesses after a decorative sword was stolen during bank holiday weekend in Wimpole Estate.

Peter Williamson, 23 who lives on The Graylings in Abbots Langley, graduated last year and created the sword for his final project at Hereford College of Arts.

The sword, which measures two and a half foot, was stolen from his tent in Wimpole whilst he was away demonstrating in the folly.

Mr Williamson said: “It only really has value to me and I cannot what anyone would get from stealing it.

“It’s not something you expect to happen. The site that we were on was really far away, roughly around a km, and we had to walk to get to the other areas.”

On the day of the theft, it looked like it was going to be raining and Mr Williamson decided not to demonstrate the sword and left it in the tent.

According to Mr Williamson, it was around 9.30pm when someone asked him to show and demonstrate the sword and he realised it was missing.

If the sword was to be valued, the price would be around £3,000 according to Mr Williamson.

The sword was used for demonstrations to show people the skills and the work of an artistic blacksmith.

“It has more sentimental value to me as I didn’t give up and pushed to do this project in my final year at college.”

Mr Williamson graduated from the Hereford College of Arts where he studied Artistic Blacksmithing.

With the other projects that he had to do the sword took around two months to create not including the planning and preparation.

According to Mr Williamson, his college tutors were initially sceptical at the idea of someone creating decorative weaponry as many other students want to pursue this.

“They said that it was really difficult and that you cannot expect to be able to do that without the ability,” he said.

“I decided to just learn the basics with hopefully pursuing this career when I was older.”

The sword was stolen from the tent in Wimpole Estate on Bank Holiday Sunday and anyone with information are being asked to contact the police on 101, with the crime reference OF/15/833.


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