New Chairman for Hertsmere Youth Council

A Queen’s School pupil from Radlett has been voted chair of the youth council for Hertsmere.

Jackie Warman, who is 16 but was elected when he was 15, started working with the youth council five years ago and has been actively involved in the local community.

In June, the youth council had an election for a new chairman to represent the youth of the area and through anonymous voting Jackie was awarded the title.

Jackie said: “It gives young people in the area a voice. The youth council is targeted at 11-19 year olds and it is really good to have on your CV.”

During the election, the voting decided between 10 other councillors which was then narrowed down to just three.

The youth council undertake small tasks around the area and they are always looking for new members to get involved.

Jackie’s father, Leigh Warman, said that the local community is something that has always interested his son.

“I am really proud and it is a fantastic achievement for someone his age,” Mr Warman said.

“All I can say is I am a very proud dad.”

The youth council complete projects in and around the community and work closely with the local mayor.

Each year, they get a budget of £3,000 to spend how they wish if the council agree with their proposed plans.

Jackie said: “It is a role that I am willing to take up and we are always looking for new members to get involved in the youth council.

“These people become your friends and it’s actually quite fun.”

The youth council provide a year round provision for ages nine to 19 helping them improve their chance of success and to raise aspirations in the most deprived areas in Hertsmere.

If there is anyone who is wanting to get involved, please send an email to and for the attention of Jackie Warman.


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