‘Thank you seafarers’

Harpenden Town Council raised the Red Ensign flag at the Town Hall to promote the UK’s dependence on Merchant Navy seafarers on Merchant Navy Day.

The Merchant Navy seafarers are responsible for around 95 per cent of the UK’s imports including food products.

At 10am on September 3, visiting ships in UK ports were encouraged to sound their horns in support of industry.

The Deputy Town Mayor said: “The Town Council was delighted to take part in the event and to show its gratitude and respect to all those that have served or currently serve in the Merchant Navy.

“We are grateful for those who keep the vital shipping links and transportation of goods for our country going; helping to sustain livelihoods and businesses.”

The nationwide call for the official flag of the UK’s Merchant Navy to be flown on public buildings and flagstaffs was supported by Harpenden Town Council.

“It is something that we can all take so easily for granted and I am pleased to have raised the flag and shared in raising awareness of the important work that they do,” the Deputy Town Mayor said.


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