Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

For one night only, the world sang and danced to the Time Warp.

Writer: Richard O’Brien

Director: Christopher Luscombe

Starring: David Bedella. Haley Flaherty, Ben Forster, Sophie Linder-Lee, Jayde Westaby, Richard Meek, Dominic Andersen, Kristian Lavercombe

Touring: From December 2015

The Playhouse Theatre, London, and cinemas across the world were invaded by ‘Sweet Transvestites From Transexual, Transylvania’ for the live screening of the Rocky Horror Show.

One of the most iconic, audience ‘interactable’ shows to be produced on stage follows Brad and Janet who get ‘pelvic thrusted’ into a ‘strange journey’.

First showed in 1973, the musical production has become a cult classic and fans across the world have filled theatres waiting for their favourite Transvestites to appear on stage all dressed head to toe as their favourite characters and the live stream did not fail to follow these traditional requirements.

Unlike most theatre productions, the show relies heavily on audience participation with them shouting iconic words and phrases, taking items in with them and even getting up and doing the Time Warp.

As a huge fan of the show and the film adaptation starring Tim Curry, I was eagerly anticipating the live stream and what a joy it was.

As the screening began, a feeling of jealousy swooped over me. Why didn’t I go to see the show in London? Even though I have seen it multiple times before there is nothing more exciting than seeing the show on stage.

However, live screenings do have their positives. With the ability to zoom into the actors faces, the cinema audiences across the world are able to see their facial expressions more clearly. This also includes when the cast are trying to hold back laughter.

As well, whilst the theatre audience were settling in their seats, cinema audiences were treated to an exclusive interview with Richard O’Brian himself who explained why the show has been such a success over the years

David Bedella’s performance as everyone’s favourite Transvestite Frank N Furter has become a fan favourite and his ability to create a role so iconic is a tough job but he does not fail to do so with perfection.

He knew how to keep the audience engaged through his facial expressions, vocals and ad lib which is an element of theatre that I particularly love.

Breaking the fourth wall is common in this performance and the live stream did not fail to follow this through with Frank saying to an audience member that it was his time to sing.

The rest of the cast including Hayley Flaherty as Janet, Ben Forster as Brad, Sophie Linder-Lee as Columbia, Jayde Westerby as Magenta, Richard Meek as Eddie/Dr Scott and Dominic Andersen as Rocky were nothing else but perfect.

All performers have played their respective parts in various productions of the show in past years and returned for this special evening.

Kristian Lavercome as Riff Raff is the only performer who will be continuing his role as the hunched-back, faithful handyman when the show begins its tour in December 2015.

To top of the evening, creator Richard O’Brien took on the role of one the narrators causing roars of applause throughout the theatre and the cinema.

Other guest narrators included Stephen Fry, Emma Bunton, Anthony Head and Mel Giedroyc who also introduced the show worldwide to cinema audiences.

The production has been running for 43 years and the one night only live stream was a charitable event for Amnesty International, a cause that O’Brien feelings strongly about.

The Rocky Horror Show will be touring from December 2015 but get your tickets ASAP! They will sell out quickly!



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