Matilda The Musical: A children’s narrative full of adult humour

An amazing performance full of acrobatics, perfect choreography, puppetry and a terrifying headteacher.

Director: Matthew Warchus

Music and lyrics: Tim Minchin

Starring: Evie Hone, Craige Els, Michael Begley, Miria Parvin, Rebecca Thornhill, Charlotte Scott

Theatre: Cambridge Theatre, London.

Hundreds and probably thousands will know the story of Matilda – the young girl neglected by her parents finds comfort in reading countless books and develops unusual powers.

Well the musical adaptation by comedian Tim Minchin does not fail to bring the magic of the story by Roald Dahl to audiences.

Sitting in the theatre eagerly waiting for the production to start I couldn’t help but notice that I was surrounded by a children and young children at that.

Of course I knew the production was predominately aimed at children but I felt slightly uncomfortable. However, as soon as the show started I was transported back to my childhood.

I remember first watching the film adaptation of the classic tale and being mesmerised by the humour and magic.

Matilda The Musical did exactly the same for me but it was different, in a good way. The characters I loved growing up and those I hated (Miss Trunchbull in particular) were right in front me.


So many of my favourite scenes in the film were executed almost flawlessly. I could not help control my laughter when Miss Trunchbull (Craige Els) threw poor Amanda Fripp (Ellie Dadd) just for wearing pig tails.

The poor little boy sat next to me was not overly pleased with this scene and was absolutely terrified.

The show is full of mesmerising dance sequences and choreography and you cannot help but continue to watch with astonishment at the young children having the confidence to get on a stage on daily basis to perform.

Evie Hone (Matilda) is likely to have an amazing career in theatre. Her performances of her solos, including my particular favourite Naughty, is amazing to watch.

I cannot express how nervous I would be to get on a stage even now. All the children were all stars in themselves and all deserve recognition.

Although not the star of the show but definitely one who keeps everyone entertain is Els’ version of Miss Trunchbull, the tyrant headteacher.

Els’ got into the character so much that many children were scared upon the headteacher’s arrival on stage, including myself.

Matilda the Musical

It is no surprise the success of the show has made it across the pond to Broadway. It is only a matter of time before the production is a worldwide phenomenon.

Matilda The Musical is both full of humour and sadness but is a master production.

Don’t forget… ‘Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.’


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