The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: A show like no other

The stage-adaptation of Mark Haddon’s best-selling novel does not fail to enrich the audience with a unique theatre experience.

Writer: Mark Haddon

Stage Adaptation: Simon Stephens

Director: Marianne Elliott

Cast: Sion Daniel Young, Rebecca Lacey, Nicolas Tennant, Mary Stockley, Jacqueline Clarke

Theatre: Gielgud Theatre, London

It does always worry me when an adaptation of a favourite book gets produced whether it is for the stage or theatre but The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time does not fail to bring to life the characters from the novel.

The story follows Christopher Boone, a 15-year-old boy with Asperger Syndrome, who finds his neighbour’s dog has been killed with a pitch-fork.

Christopher decides to take it upon himself to find out who killed the dog and in doing so he uncovers a deeper secret that will change his life.

Director Marianne Elliott clear knew what she was doing when she set out working on this production.

With a narrative which heavily relies on logic and mathematics I was curious myself to see just how the novel could be adapted on the stage.

Through the use of the entire stage including the walls, the audience is able to see the world through the eyes of Christopher (Sion Daniel Young).


Christopher draws on the ground, the ensemble pick him up and he walks along the walls pretending to be an astronaut.

Elliott has indeed created a magnificent production and together with Simon Stephens, who wrote the stage adaptation, the two have brought a first person novel onto the stage in the most creative way.


Young’s performance of Christopher is truly outstanding. His ability to show the struggles someone with Aspergers goes through on a daily basis is perfectly portrayed.

Even the audience were drawn into the production. As Christopher loves prime numbers, every prime number in the theatre has a special task – to see whether your name equals as a prime number.

Even the programme enhances the production through explanations of the Pythagoras theorem and other mathematical explanations.

After studying the novel at college, I can now safely say the theatre production is one I would advise anyone to see.

For those who have or haven’t read the novel, the theatre production is a true, creative masterpiece with an extremely talented cast.


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