Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards says the reunion is the hardest part

The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills and aunt to Paris and Nicky Hilton took some time out to have a quick chat with me about the pressures of being a reality star and what people can expect from the next season.

Tell us what people can expect in the next season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

This season there is a really interesting shift in dynamics. There is a new cast member who really shook things up. Stuff happened with my sister and it was so crazy and beyond. It caused me a lot of anxiety. We go to loads of amazing places this season including Greece, Hong Kong and New York.

You said the reunion was ‘so bad, drained physically and emotional’ why? 

For me in this season the most challenging thing was what I had to deal with Kim. My sister was very upset nd that all exploded but for me it was during the reunion. We come back and address all the things that come up again. It is like walking on egg shells. We are all stressed out because of what will happen at the reunion.

How long does it take to complete one season? 

By the time we are finishing shooting with the other women it is about four months. Then we still have interviews for a while. So it is about 5 months altogether. Then we shoot the reunion and press events. We then have a little time off and then time to start again.

Obviously you are not camera-shy having grown up with acting family and a film career yourself but how does this compare to movie filming? 

It is so completely different doing script to TV. Scripted is remembering your lines and acting your best and making sure you make the right choices. Real TV is your personal life. All the problems and fighting stick with you. Many times I have spent nights and weeks crying and stressed out. It’s very anxiety provoking and overwhelming.

You said you feel a lot of pressure and anxiety so why do you continue doing the show?

At the end of the day the good outweighs the bad. What comes out of it is amazing. I have opened my sixth store and producing scripted shows on my own e for TV. Amazing things have come out of it and while there is drama we also have a lot of fun. If I didn’t see the fun in the show I would not do it.

Do you know about the upcoming issues the show will feature each season? 

I knew Kim would be a part of this season but nothing is set up or scripted. When we go to events we know who is going to be there. Everything is great at the beginning. We are all getting along and doing our own thing and then one person says something and then it all explodes.

Your half-nieces are both well-known in the celeb gossip world – do you think they will ever make a guest appearance on the show? 

They have both made appearances on the show before but who knows whether they will do it in the future.

How is Nicky finding motherhood? Is it a natural thing for her? 

She’s a natural mother. Her baby is absolutely beautiful. I spent the day with them and it started crawling and we were like yay it’s crawling. The baby will never make an appearance on the show that I will guarantee.

Will Paris be soon settling down?  

I have not met him yet. I don’t know how serious it is. Paris is such a business woman and travels all over the world. I don’t think she feels the pressure yet but I am not sure about that.

You have children of your own, would you help them get into acting or star in a show like this one?

I would never recommend they do something like this and none have really shown any desire to do so.


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