Wonder Woman: Saves the world and saves the franchise

Following the poorly received contributions to the DC External Universe franchise it is always worrying when you sit in the cinema waiting to watch the next instalment hoping it won’t be as bad as the previous and Wonder Woman shines a fresh new light on the movies.

Director: Patty Jenkins

Writer: Geoff Johns

Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, David Thewlis, Danny Huston

Certificate: 12A

Running time: 2hr 21mins

The origin story follows how the sexy lasso-swinging hero became who we know and love today and the film is probably the best movie in the DCEU franchise – but that is not overly difficult.

Wonder Woman opens with modern-day Paris with a voiceover by the titular character herself who is being followed by men working for Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

After receiving a parcel the film then goes back in time to when the superhero, Princess Diana (Gal Gadot), is growing up in the women-only Amazonian land of Themyscira– where we and Diana learn about the battle of the Gods and the evil Aries.

Diana then meets American spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who crashes his plane into the water. Saving him Diana leaves the island with him to go and battle Nazis or as Diana believes Aries.

One thing the film has that not many other of the DCEU movies have is constant humour between the characters – whether it’s Diana’s naivety about the new world she is discovering or whether it’s the people she meets trying to understand who she is.

It never fails to keep you entertained and I even found myself doubting whether her belief in Aries was, in fact, true or just a story she was told.

There were some parts where I was more leaning towards the film being over fantastical but of course, it’s a superhero movie and relies on fantastical elements.

Gadot’s stunning performance as the titular character was brilliant. After seeing her in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice I admit I was skeptical how she would be in her own stand-alone movie.

But nevertheless, she was fantastic. She manages to perfectly execute the naïve woman Diana is when in the ‘real world’.

Pine also manages to grasp the humour side of the film, especially when trying to come to terms with the powers of Diana.

Wonder Woman is full of adult humour and sexual innuendos which just makes the film watchable. Nothing is too serious or boring.

This movie not only marks the first time Wonder Woman has had her own standalone movie but also marks the first time in both DC and Marvel that a female superhero has the titular role and director Patty Jenkins knew exactly what she was doing.

Although the epic battle sequence towards the end was a little bit farfetched and over the top, you couldn’t help but find the film somewhat refreshing from the previous additions to the DCEU.

For anyone who is a Wonder Woman fan, and I am sure there are many, will definitely enjoy the film and those skeptical about the DCEU will be delightfully surprised.

Whether or not there will be a Wonder Woman sequel (but due to the success of the first one I am probably sure there will be) fans can expect to see Gadot donning the sexy, infamous costume again in Justice League.


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