Interview: Dominic Cooper talks Stratton, Preacher and Mamma Mia 2

I spoke to Dominic Cooper about his new movie Stratton and why he wanted to be part of the film. I also asked him whether Preacher will be getting a season three as well as the upcoming Mamma Mia sequel.

What was it about the script that made you want to be part of the film?

I think it was that I didn’t know a great deal about the SBS. I think it was the nature of the man rather than being an all-out action hero, I felt he was quite an isolated man who had made a decision to do this job which the actual truth is a lonely existence and quite a complex one. One moment you’re at home and next you’re risking your life on a daily basis for the safety of your country. Finding out about the missions and the complexities of what they go through and how they train. I didn’t know about the missions and how a few would be on them and the amount of different techniques they have learnt. It makes you have much more gratitude for the people who do that work to protect us. The first thing I shot, I was underwater in these tubes that you were unable to get out of. So I had to learn how to do that. I have never done proper, deep sea underwater diving before. That was all part of the training. The accuracy is monumental. For scenes with the guns, I didn’t want them to look any way false. I really enjoyed it. All the car chases we did. They are meant to fit in with any surrounding. They aren’t necessarily strong or who would look out of place. These guys can fit in anywhere. Probably one of the reasons why I was asked to do it. I could be from a few different places.

What about the stunts, did you do them yourself?

I loved doing the stunts. If you trust the stunt team and you invest in the stunts and believe they are believable. These were all very specific and well researched. Leaping from driving car into a bus – nearly went wrong – but was good. It gives you the adrenaline to move onto the new scene. I was very privileged to be playing people who are looking out for the country.

Henry Cavill was original attached the film but dropped out just five days before shooting. How was it taking over from someone?

It’s just one of those things that happened. It’s sad because he invested so much time and effort but they disagreed with what he wanted and what the creative team wanted and it was too late for them to change it. I got asked to see whether I would want to do it.

Bond-esque feel, would you ever do a James Bond movie?

You can’t not want to be James Bond! Has anyone ever said no, no, no.

Season 2 of Preacher is available to watch now, will we get season 3?

I think so. I don’t want to say that yet because I’m not sure. But it is looking pretty certain. It’s great fun and again that TV show has so much scope. I hope they do because it has been so daring so far and the wealth of disgust and intrigue that we have left to show on the screen, I think it will be real shame not to let everyone see that.

Mamma Mia 2, are all the original cast returning?

Mamma Mia 2 is in the works we are all dancing. All the original cast are returning. We are all there. All a bit baggy around the gills. We are all a bit more sunburnt.


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