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Interviews: Jim Broadbent, Simon Farnaby and Julie Walters from Paddington 2

I managed to get to attend the world premiere of Paddington 2 and got to speak to some of the cast behind the amazing sequel including Harry Potter stars Jim Broadbent and Dame Julie Walters!

Here’s what they had to say:

Jim Broadbent plays Mr Gruber in the hit movie franchise:

So, Paddington 2, did you have any reservations about returning?

How could you ever have stopped me returning? Great fun working on the first one and wonderfully successful film. It made me laugh and made it moving. Very easy decision to make and it was wonderful to return.

What is it about Paddington that makes him a national treasure?

He is lovely, he cares, he loves people. He’s not judgemental, he is a genuine warm character and people respond to it. And we all need some more of that in our lives.

How was it working with the CGI bear?

It didn’t seem like that really. You think Paddington is there. We have seen the first film, we know what he is like you can conjure him up in your mind. Usually with filming, you can’t see the person you’re talking to so it’s just more of that with Paddington. We know who he is, it’s easy to work with him.

Return for a third film?

Absolutely. I wouldn’t want anyone else to play Mr Gruber I tell you.

Dame Julie Walters stars as housekeeper Mrs Bird:

Any reservations about returning?

No reservations returning. Because it was a massive success people loved it, the critics loved it and the public loved it. So we wouldn’t want to be involved so definitely it was fab.

What is it about Paddington that everyone loves?

It’s his innocence and seeing the world through his eyes, the fact of the inclusiveness of it, kindness and goodness that comes out of it. We adore Paddington. We do. We all wish there was more of him in the world.

What is your dream role?

It’s about the project, there isn’t anything where I think I must play it. It’s about who is doing it and the project itself.

How’s Mamma Mia 2?

I’m still doing Mamma Mia 2, just about to finish that. Which has been fantastic fun. I love the singing and the dancing. It’s getting easier now. Pierce looks fabulous. Everybody looks fabulous.

Are you getting inspiration from Strictly?

Yeah I love it. They are all really good. Debbie McGee is fantastic. I don’t know.

When not working what do you watch on TV?

Soaps… Coronation Street. I love them all maybe not Hollyoaks, that’s a young persons show but yes it’s very good acting. But I was brought up on Corrie.

Simon Farnaby, co-writer:

So, Paddington 2, why did you want to co-write the sequel?

Paul King asked me basically. I wrote a bit of the first film and I think Paul Heyman and David had something to do it, and asked me to co-write. I think he didn’t want to be too lonely he wanted someone to share the agony with. It was a lot of fun but hard work as well.

What makes Paddington a national treasure?

I think he used to make me laugh a lot. I think it’s because he makes mistakes we all thinking and he makes us feel less bad about our own mistakes. He goes in and he is clumsy and makes mistakes for all of us on our behalf.

Fantastic cast, did you have Hugh Grant in mind when you wrote the film?

We did. He genuinely was. His name was on the script. We said it would be very funny if we got a very famous actor like Hugh Grant and if he had the sense of humour to play that character then it would be brilliant and thankfully he did. He was better than we expected.

Easy to get these celebrities to star in the movie? In the first one you had Nicole Kidman now Hugh Grant.

Yes it is, you can only ask and thankfully Hugh has children now, maybe if we asked him 20 years ago he would have said get lost but I think he’s got some kids and he wanted them to see it. I think that played a part in in. And it’s fun. The first film was quite well respected. There wasn’t too much fear involved.

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