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Interviews: Michael Ball and Alfie Boe

I could hardly contain my excitement when I got the chance to speak to Michael Ball and Alfie Boe after they broke a world record by visiting five stores across the UK on the release of their new album Together Again.

Now, just this summer I managed to see the two musical theatre stars at the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough and was one of the wettest concerts I have ever been too (review here) and I obviously had to tell them about it.

Here is what they had to say:

Why did you want to break this record?

(M) We wanted to sell as many records humanly possible.

(A) It’s a great day to do it on obviously because it’s the day of release today. The thing about me and Michael is we like to get out to the people and going out to see as many fans as possible and that’s what we did before in the old campaign. We went to see as many of the public as we possibly could. It’s about them, it’s not about us at the end of the day, it’s about them. Delivering a product all for our fans.

(M) When the record company proposed it, they said they have this idea and we were like yeah what are we going to do on the day? Sit around on release. No that sounds like great fun, and he has been.

Where did you start?

(M) We started in Blackpool. We saw the sunrise on Blackpool beach, went over Manchester, Sheffield to Nottingham, and helicopter to London and then to here on motorbikes.

How was the helicopter?

(M) It was awful. What an awful way to travel.

(A) I got to sit in front. It was just amazing seeing how it works, with all the controls and seeing how they communicate with air traffic control. It was pretty amazing.

(M) If you get a chance to do it do. Especially at night. Seeing London at night is amazing.

(A) See London coming to view is amazing.

Was this a Guinness World Record?

(A) No, for a Guinness World Record you have to have someone with you. But there was no room for them on the aircraft but it is an official world record.

Would you want to try and break your own record for the next album?

(A) We would do. On motorbikes. Do it on bikes. I would ride. Don’t feel right riding on the back of a motorbike I prefer to drive.

(M) That’s a really good idea. I will have a side car. I will go in a side car and watch TV. I’m a good passenger.

Will there be a new album?

(A) Of course

(M) I dunno. There will be. Not together of course but there will be. Let’s see how this one does. If no one buys it then there’s no point. This one is better than the last. The orchestration is just something really special. And now we know what we are doing.

(A) If we were going to do another album it would be a Christmas album so we don’t have to tour it. Less time together, which will be good.

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