Michael Ball and Alfie Boe ‘Together Again’ concert – wet but fantastic

Never have I been so wet in my entire life watching the two West End stars perform at Scarborough Open Air Theatre.

The rain was relentless and unstoppable but that didn’t make the evening any less enjoyable – plus the beer coat helped.

Performing brilliant theatre hits including Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera and Stairway to Paradise from An American in Paris – the two stars didn’t fail to keep the soaking audience entertained.


Alfie Boe

One particular favourite was the ‘Les Miserables’ medley – I couldn’t help singing my heart out as the rain continued to fall heavily.

Although miserable weather, it was great to see that they didn’t cancel their concert as so many other artists would have done.

Ball, who hails from Bromsgrove, continually made comments about being ‘forced to come up north’ by Blackpool-born Boe.

Keeping the humour and commenting on the “sea of ponchos” really helped to keep the spirits of the wet audience happy and the weather, although miserable, added to the atmosphere of the concert.


Michael Ball

I cannot say whether the two musical theatre legends would have kept their humour if the weather was anything but wet.

After singing for an hour, the stars grabbed some well-needed shelter during the interval and burst back on stage for more hit musical songs.

Although the tour was for their new album ‘Together Again’, they both had a part in the concert where they sang alone.

Ball smashed the fantastic ‘Love Changes Everything’ – a particular favourite of my friend who got drenched in the rain with me – and Boe belted ‘Run’.


They then reunited for ‘New York New York’ which got everyone up and dancing despite the weather.

Even if you’re not a musical fan, Ball and Boe entertained the crowd with various medleys including James Bond and Elvis Presley.

Finishing the concert with ‘Never Walk Alone’ from Carousel got the crowd – who were predominately the older generation – moving closer to the barriers and the singers.

Despite the weather, it was truly a fantastic concert and seeing these two musical theatre legends so close was a true dream come true.


It was extremely wet!!

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